From initial contact to partnership

The typical stages of an investment – at a glance




Investment phase



01. Entry phase

From initial contact to indicative offer

In an initial meeting, we would like to learn more about you, your company and your plans. After concluding a confidentiality agreement, we carry out a preliminary check of the company's basic data. As part of an indicative offer, we outline initial considerations for a customised solution, which forms the basis for a more in-depth assessment of a potential investment. 


From initial contact to an indicative offer, we usually need 2 to 4 weeks.


Internal evaluation and Letter of Intent

Based on this, we enter into a more in-depth internal review & analysis and jointly develop a letter of intent that sets out in detail the key terms of an investment and the future cooperation and serves as basis for the due diligence review and the investment agreement.


The internal evaluation and the development of a term sheet usually take between 4 and 8 weeks.


Due diligence, financing and investment agreement

An essential part of the investment phase is the detailed due diligence, in which we work with you and external advisors and experts to get a detailed picture of your company. In parallel, we develop the optimal transaction and financing structure for our joint plans. The final stage is the negotiation and signing of the investment agreement, which lays the foundation for future cooperation in a spirit of partnership.


Due diligence, structuring and contract negotiations typically take 8 to 12 weeks.



Strategy and roadmap

After the successful investment, the joint (further) development of the strategic roadmap for your company marks the starting signal for the joint cooperation.


Growth and value creation

During the investment phase, we are fully committed to implementing the growth plans in partnership with the management and co-owners. Together with you, we develop and pursue organic and acquisitive growth options and optimise value initiatives. In order to achieve the common goals, follow-up financing by us during the investment phase is possible and common.


Ongoing support

As a constant sparring partner, we provide ongoing, holistic support and active engagement. We are continuously available to the management with our expertise in strategic, business and financial issues, among others, and offer access to our large network of contacts. In the context of an advisory board or supervisory board, a committee of experts assists the company in its strategic development.



Optimal exit route and value maximization

As a temporary partner, the exit after the successful development marks the end of our investment phase. The exit takes place in close cooperation between the owners and the management. Together we decide on the optimal timing. We develop the investment story and select the most suitable exit channel as well as the advisors who support us in the preparation of the sales documentation. We actively participate in process management, structuring and negotiations. The exit can range from a joint sale to a share buyback by co-shareholders to an IPO.



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